Leave a legacy for the children: Vote yes on the school bond measure

How much are our children and grandchildren worth? They’re our most treasured resource. They’re the future.

But every few years, we vote no on tax increases for District 51 schools, essentially telling the children, “You’re not worth that much!”

The increase in revenue that the school district needs is not about new buildings, administrators’ salaries, teachers’ contracts or the district budget. It’s about the children.

Children can’t speak for themselves, so we have to speak for them. They need safe and inviting buildings to learn in. They need teachers who feel valued enough to want to do their best for them. They need administrators who are experienced and highly educated, and who can lead the education process to ensure it works for all children. Children thrive in a positive environment. They need us to create that for them.

Our children deserve the best possible chance at succeeding in life. Education is that chance. A “no” vote is essentially telling area children that we don’t care if they succeed or not.

Even if children attend private schools, public education is still important because educated children grow up to be:

  • Doctors, nurses and aides who will take care of us when we are old or sick.
  • Scientists who will discover cures for diseases and injuries and invent new things.
  • Good citizens who improve our communities with fewer crimes and less violence.
  • Future business owners who are successful and grow our economy.
  • Police officers and firefighters who rescue and protect us.
  • Food workers who grow, cook and serve us our food.
  • Lawyers and judges who make sure justice is served.
  • Contractors and construction workers who build a safe, quality infrastructure for our communities.
  • Engineers and tech workers who design and maintain machines and technology to do the work we need them to do.
  • Politicians who can lead us to do what is right for all people.
  • And teachers for the next generation.

You get the idea.

A “yes” vote for the children is a vote for you and your family, too.

It’s a vote for our community now and for the future. Leave a legacy of being someone who helped children succeed in life and made the world a better place. Tell the children they are worth it. Vote yes on the school bond measure and mill levy override on November 7.

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Susan Elenz

Susan Elenz

Susan Elenz retired from teaching kindergarten in 2012. She worked in early childhood education for 38 years in various capacities. She has lived in Mesa County, Colorado, since 1975 with her husband, and raised their daughter there. Now Susan enjoys traveling, gardening, cooking, walking and, of course, writing. Her favorite writing topics are stories about family and friends, and travel destinations. You can usually find her under a tree, reading or hanging out with her two grandsons, wherever in the world they might be living at the time.
Susan Elenz

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