Being fat isn’t fun: My 52 resolutions + 1

My life is good. My fitness? Not so much. I work a lot and when I’m done working for the day, I like to drink beer, eat dinner and watch Netflix. Not only have I added on some pounds, but I get winded just thinking about climbing the stairs to go to bed.

A hike a week

At our recent office Christmas party, I spoke with BEACON writer Melanie Wiseman and her husband, Dan—both looking fabulous and fit as a fiddle. Chances are, you’ve followed Melanie’s stories of activity and adventure in the BEACON over the years, so I vowed to myself right then and there to get active and drink less beer—once the night was over, of course.

Any long journey begins with a single step. I recently read a story in “The Daily Sentinel” about one local family who decided to go on one hike per week. They hiked over 187 miles together in 2017. If their 8-year-old daughter, Jamyson, can do it, I can, too, right?

There’s more fun and accountability when someone else comes along. I asked my wife if she would join me on a different outing each week. She agreed, as long as our first big outing is on a paved road or trail. (She doesn’t trust my sense of direction.)

The plus one

So there are my first 52 resolutions—here’s the plus one. Crossroads Fitness kicks off their new year fitness challenge in January and I’m going to give it my best shot—really.

This six-week fitness challenge is designed to help kick start your activity in the new year with group exercise, training, a step challenge, working out with friends, nutrition and weight loss.

I think these types of programs are a great way to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Your gym probably has one. If not, come join mine.

Kevin VanGundy

Kevin VanGundy

As publisher of the BEACON Senior Newspaper, I explore the relationships of our aged with society. Often times upending the prejudicial stereotypes held by many. Using powerful storytelling the BEACON Senior Newspaper continues to reshape the way our world looks at the process of aging well. Oh... and we sell a lot of advertising.
Kevin VanGundy

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