Hospital provides an intimate look at health care

September 10, 2017 0
Montrose Memorial Hospital is offering a LEAD program to help community members better understand medicine and the complex issues driving health care today. LEAD, which stands for Leadership, Exploration and Development, is designed to give participants a behind-the-scenes look at the health care industry and its impact on the community. [ . . . ]

Liberty Cap: an excellent outdoor adventure

August 30, 2017 1
An article in The BEACON motivated me to put a trip up Liberty Cap trail on my life list, under Things to Do This Year. And what better time than a cool Summer morning? I parked at the Wildwood trailhead, just off South Broadway, figuring I’d be up the trail [ . . . ]

Suicide: a winnable battle

August 30, 2017 0
When Gretchen McGeeney learned that her son had died, she was devastated. More than a year before, Landon had been declared missing in California, where he had been attending college. The news came as a shock, but brought closure. Now the family had to deal with the knowledge that their [ . . . ]

Maintaining your joint mobility

August 30, 2017 0
By Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine At Tabeguache Family & Sports Medicine, our goal is to help each and every patient achieve a maximum level of physical mobility and performance. Whether it’s helping to prevent injuries or treating current ones, we focus on getting you back to what you love. [ . . . ]
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