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See what snowbirds do in Southeastern Arizona

There is an easy way to get a taste of the snowbird lifestyle without heading south for an entire season.

Should travelers confronted by beggars give them money? 

Help children with a gift through one of these charities.

Why Vietnam?

“Why Vietnam for any American?” The answers are as diverse as sidewalk activities in any Vietnamese city. (Sidewalks in Vietnam are used for cooking, restaurants, skinning frogs, motorbikes, motorbike parking, weddings, funerals, public markets, fish markets, automobile body work—any activity, in fact, except walking.)

Have you ever traveled without a watch?

While some choose to live life comfortably and safely between the lines, others like to live on the flip side. Read about one local couple's challenge to go without modern-day luxuries (or as some would say, necessities) on a five-day trip in Minnesota's Boundary Waters.

Myanmar: the new hot destination

Myanmar, formerly called Burma, is now on the bucket list of savvy travelers. Years of isolation have made Myanmar one of the few countries that has not been tainted by foreign commercialism. The people are friendly, the country is safe, and the sites are glorious. Now is the time to go before things change too much.

Special considerations for traveling overseas with the grandkids

Traveling with kids often presents certain challenges, but with a few travel tips, your overseas trip with the grandkids can be stressfree.

International horror: 5 cautionary tales about traveling abroad

Enjoy international travel, but beware that you may have problems like these international travel horror stories demonstrate.

5 essential items to take with you on your Alaskan cruise

The unforgettable experience of cruising Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Each cruise offers exotic wildlife, great outdoor adventures and unforgettable scenery.

Renewing your vows abroad: A checklist of things to do

Here are some tips for destination wedding travel for vow renewal ceremonies abroad so couples can have a unique celebration with friends and famiily.

Steps to take when travel plans go wrong or you lose your passport

Need to complain after a holiday from hell? Know the right steps to take that could result in a few perks on your next trip or even a refund on the bad one.

Road trip and air travel tips to avoid deep vein thrombosis

Long hours in a stationary position can lead to a serious blood clotting problem called deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and even death. Learn safe travel trips to avoid DVT.

Three things that can happen if you cheap out on airline tickets

We all look for the best deal when buying airline tickets, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” does hold some truth when it comes to buying cheap airline tickets.

Avoid tourist traffic and save money at these 5 romantic vacation spots

Spark new romantic interest by planning an off-season cheap vacation when you can avoid traffic and tourist while you enjoy a colorful fall season. Plan now to visit any of these 5 top locations for fall romance.

Discover your inner tech nerd with these top road-trip smartphone apps

Use the latest smartphone apps for vacation ideas and tips for the best road trip attractions to see along the way.

Forever young: 3 crazy things you should do with your spouse on vacation

Live young once again by doing these 3 crazy things when you are on vacation with your spouse. Make a packing checklist and things to do list first.