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How to use Pinterest to stay in touch with friends and family

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that you can use to communicate with friends and family using images and links. Pinterest invites get you started.

What to do if you suspect your computer has a virus

If your computer is running slow or sluggish, you may have a virus. Find out what you should do if you suspect that your computer’s been infected.

How to participate in a Neighborhood Watch

Do you know what a neighborhood watch is all about? Get your copy of the Neighborhood Watch manual and get started protecting your home and family today

What is Pinterest and how to use it?

Pinterest is one of the newest social media sharing experiences on the internet. Click here to learn more about how to use it.

Pilates versus Yoga: Which suits you better?

Yoga and Pilates are both great mind-body awareness tools, but what is the difference between the two and which is best for me?

Help a family in need: Adopt-A-Family

If you are looking for a way to give back, consider adopting a family, and do your part to help struggling folks in your own community.

Ways to ensure your privacy on Facebook

Are you concerned about social media and identity theft? Learn what you need to do in order to protect your privacy on Facebook.

Are you being spammed to death? How to cut out the junk email noise

Three tips to help you increase the performance of your spam blockers and anti-spam programs. How to cut down on unwanted email noise by taking advantace of FTC email solutions.

Volunteering Fido: How you and your pet can bring healing

Perhaps your dog would make a great volunteer for animal-assisted healing therapies. The following tips will help you decide if your dog is right for a therapy dog training program.

How to play Sudoku

If Sudoku intimidates you, check out our quick list of tips to help get you started. Sudoku can be a fun, mentally challenging game that keeps your noodle sharp.

How to set up a wireless router for your home

Setting up a home wireless network is not complex, time intensive or costly. Just follow these three basic steps: Physical wireless router connection, Wireless network configuration and Connecting wireless devices.

Signs your computer may have a virus

Is your computer acting funny? Find out what some of the signs are that can tell you if your computer has been taken over by a potentially destructive virus.

The health and safety benefits of taking up martial arts

Are you looking for an exercise routine that's easy on your joints while giving you a good, diverse workout? Consider martial arts.

Blackjack tips for the casino bound vacationer

New to the game of blackjack? Learn a few of the basic rules of playing blackjack, including how to double down and split your bet.

Exploring opportunities to volunteer your time to the young

Volunteering with a kids prgram can be a very rewarding experience. Children need mentors to look up to, coaches to teach them, and adults to share their passion of a hobby or interest. Volunteer with you local children's programs to make a difference in a kids life.