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Thunder Mountain Camera Club awards 2011 winners

Feb 13, 2012, 1:28 p.m.
Blue and orange. Steve Miller.


Early Spring, Rocky Mountain Park. Jamie Zartman, People's Choice, Projected Image.


Fisher Towers. Robert Pratt, People's Choice, Advanced.


Evening Calm. Robert Pratt, People's Choice, Black and White.


Chipmonk. Jurgita Lukoseviciene, People's Choice, beginner.


Golden Weeds. Jurgita Lukoseviciene, First, Beginner, Color Print.


Oh! Hello. Sharon Bradshaw, First, Advanced, Color Print.


Storm is Coming. Jurgita Lukoseviciene, First, Black and White.


Lilac. Kathleen Wilkinson, First, Digitally Enhanced.


Morning Tizzy. Jurgita Lukoseviciene, First, Beginner, Projected Image.

The Thunder Mountain Camera Club award for “Photographer of the Year” went to Sharon Bradshaw at the club’s annual banquet on Saturday, January 14. The award, known as the Hans Kunz Memorial, went to Bradshaw, as she scored the most points during the bi-monthly competitions in 2011.

“People’s Choice Awards” were chosen by members and guests at the banquet. The Al Ligrani Memorial for “Best Projected Image” was received by Jamie Zartman for “Early Spring Rocky Mountain Park.” The Roy Clark Memorial for “Level 1 Best Color Print” went to Robert Pratt for “Fisher Towers and La Sal Mountains.” The Roy Clark Memorial for “Level 2 Best Color Print” went to Jurgita Lukoseviciene for “Chipmunk.” The Ansel Adams Memorial for the “Best Black & White Print” went to Robert Pratt for “Evening Calm.” The “Best Digitally Enhanced Print” went to Sharon Bradshaw for “High Contrast Elements.”

Year-end judging consisted of prints and projected images that placed first through fourth throughout the year. Judging was done by Ken Redding.

Beginner/Intermediate Color Prints

1st - “Golden Weeds” by Jurgita Lukoseviciene

2nd - “Lunchtime” by Ona Griffiths

3rd - “Tulip” by Jurgita Lukoseviciene

4th - “Chipmunk” by Jurgita

Advanced Color Prints

1st – “Oh Hello” by Sharon Bradshaw

2nd - “Neighborhood Color” by Bob Pratt

3rd - “Closed Columbine” by Donna Fullerton

4th - “Ranch Horse” by Sharon Bradshaw

Black and White Prints

1st - “Storm is Coming” by Jurgita Lukoseviciene

2nd - “Thimble Rock” by Jurgita Lukoseviciene

3rd - “Winter Storm” by Sharon Bradshaw

4th - “Fish & Ripples” by Glen Bishard

Digitally Enhanced Prints

1st - “Lilac” by Kathleen Wilkinson

2nd - “High Contrast Elements” by Sharon Bradshaw

3rd - “Blosson Road” by Sharon Bradshaw

4th - “Rosebud Leaf Anomoly” by Kathleen Wilkinson

Beginner Color Projected Images

1st - “Morning Tizzy” by Jurgita Lukoseviciene

2nd - “Milky Way” by Jurgita Lukoseviciene

3rd - “Canyon Columbine” by Chris Mroz

4th - “Early Spring Rocky Mtn” by Jamie Zartman

Advanced Color Projected Images

1st – “Orange & Blue” by Steve Miller

2nd - “Rose Center” by Kathleen Wilkinson

3rd - “Dragonfly on Reed” by Sharon Bradshaw

4th - “Poppy Pods” by Sharon Bradshaw

Thunder Mountain Camera Club meets at 7 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month at the River of Life Alliance Church, 701 24-1/2 Road, Grand Junction. Visitors are welcome.

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